Figure skater, avid journal-writer, and lover of Indian cuisine. 
My passion for creating art out of the seemingly mundane has sent me on a journey. A journey of meeting incredible people, traveling new places, and capturing timeless images. The camera is a tool in the creative process, but you are the most important part: your story, your emotions, and your passions. My mission is to encapsulate your stage of life into beautiful photographs that you will treasure forever. I can't wait to meet you and hear all about your unique and important story.  

Hi, I'm Amy


Gliding? It feels more like flying. The ice is my home. 

figure skating

My grandmother taught me to seek the simple beauties in life through treasuring even the most humble flowers.


My partner in crime, and mostly willing model. My sweet Aussie is my buddy.

furry friends

Arizona's vibrant sunsets and geometric catci always bring peace to my mind and heart.

the desert

favorite things

My photo story began as a child, obsessed with anything I could use to express the beauty I saw in the world. My parents eventually bought me a little camera that I used incessantly. I used it so much I eventually broke it (we don't need to talk about that).

After years of experimenting and education, I find myself living my childhood dream: using my camera to capture the beauty I see in the world. Between busy wedding days, and cozy in-home family sessions, I see beauty all around, and I'm given the honor of capturing it.

My photo story