About Me

Hey there, my name is Amy! I am passionate about service, relationships, dark chocolate, figure skating, and my faith. I have been behind the camera for ten years, and I remain absolutely in love with the space behind my lens. I would love to capture your treasured relationships and milestones.

Annie Wildflower Mountainside Portraits

Annie is such an amazing and kindhearted person. I loved getting to know her as we took portraits in some wildflowers. The late evening sun gave us the perfect setting to capture some beautiful and unique portraits of her.

Sheridan + Ashlee Wedding!

Ashlee and Sheridan had such a beautiful, special wedding day! All the details were perfect. Ashlee is one of the most artistic people I know, and that definitely shown through on her wedding day! The colors, the details, the music, the desserts…it was definitely a wonderful day to capture!

Aubrey’s Senior Photos

The beautiful Aubrey. We had a great time driving out to take her senior photos in the cherry blossoms. Aubrey has a radiant, enthusiastic personality, and many talents!

Beautiful And Whimsical Mountainside Portraits

Jess Mountainside Portraits

My beautiful friend Jess and I headed up to the mountainside, and captured these portraits. The storm that was threatening to ensue miraculously dispersed, leaving us with striking morning light.

Berkley Baptism Photos

Berkley Baptism Photos

I loved taking photos of the sweetest girl I used to nanny for! We had so much fun walking around the temple capturing these fun photos!


One of my favorite things about being a photographer in Logan, UT is the chance to take portraits and make connections with people I may not have otherwise met. I hope you enjoy hearing their stories as well!


There is something magical and intimate about bridal photography. Whether indoors, or on the top of a mountain, capturing the start of a couple’s life together is something incredibly special.

Bryner family photos

Bryners by mountains

Photographing the Bryner family was a joy! They showed me a beautiful location with a wide view of the towering Wellsville mountains. We enjoyed each other’s company as we captured these fun and candid photos!

Cameron And Chelsea Bridals

Cameron and Chelsea are such amazing people. We drove up Logan Canyon for their first look and bridals photoshoot. There was such a magical feeling in the air as we drove up and Cameron was able to see Chelsea for the first time. We enjoyed taking these bridals!

Cameron And Chelsea Wedding

It was such a joy to be a part of Cameron and Chelsea’s wedding journey. From the moment I met them at their engagement shoot, I knew that there was something special about them. They radiate the most happy and positive light together!

Cecily Baptism Photos

This was SUCH a sweet shoot. The time spent with Cecily was fun and we were able to capture some special moments! She is a darling and fun girl with such a happy personality. We walked around the temple, talking about things she likes and the reason she wants to be baptized. It was the best time!

Charly back to school portraits

Charly back to school photo

Back to school time is always a great time to get new photos! I loved taking these photos of the darling Charly. As she headed into 1st grade, her family wanted photos of her beyond a regular school photo!

Chelsea And Cameron Engagements

Cameron and Chelsea Engagements

It was so amazing to get to know Cameron and Chelsea. They share such a beautiful and happy connection. We adventured from the Salt Lake City public library over to a parking garage to capture their engagement photos. Working with them was truly a dream.


I thoroughly enjoy connecting with engaged couples. The beautiful and loving excitement that they radiate is so fun to capture. I love creating photographs that you and your loved one will display and cherish for years to come.

Family Portraits

Family sessions are an opportunity to capture candid, raw moments you will cherish for years. One of my strengths with shooting family sessions is preserving those natural, in-between moments. With my fast turnaround time, you will have your photos back and hanging on your wall in no time!

Griffiths Family Photos

Despite the onslaught of COVID-19 this year, this family had the happiest feeling that went with them. We had a blast running around a local park and taking these fun family photos! With precautions taken, we were able to capture the joy this family exudes!

Halverson Family Photos

Halverson Family

This was such a sweet session! We enjoyed shooting up on the beautiful USU campus. The mom, Hannah, and I met through figure skating! I’ve always looked up to her, so I was stoked when she asked me to photograph her family!

Hunsaker Family Photos

Fun shoot with a wonderful family, fall colors, and happy spirits! It was great to see you guys again!

James Senior Photos

James was such a fun senior to photograph! He is a down to earth, funny, talented, and happy person! We enjoyed going up to the mountains by my home, and finding little corners downtown to shoot.

Justin and Jen Wedding

It was such an honor to be a part of this special day. I have known Jen for several years, and I was so happy when she asked me to take photos for her wedding day. It was such a joyful evening and beautiful ceremony. Tears and laughter were shared throughout the night as Justin and Jen entered this new chapter of marriage!

Kaia Milkbath Portraits

Kaia Milkbath Portraits

I have always wanted to try milkbath portraits. My lovely friend Kaia and I covered the bathroom in glitter as we took these unique portraits.

Katea's Senior Photos

We had such a great time shooting these photos! I miss this friend of mine!

Katie and daughter: family video

This was such a beautiful shoot. I grew up with Katie. I was honored when I had the opportunity to document her and her beautiful daughter. We adventured out to the poppies, where we took some portraits and this lovely video!

Kimmie And Joseph Mountainside Engagements

Kimmie and Joseph

We escaped into the mountains to take these stunning engagements! Kimmie has been my friend for years, and I was so honored that she asked me to take her engagement photos. I am so excited for her and Joseph!