Mission Photos: Maddie Lyons


My close friend Maddie recently left on a church mission to Baton Rouge, Louisiana! Maddie has been a confidant, mentor, and friend for years. I’ve learned a lot from her work ethic, kindness, and humility. Before her mission, Maddie was a dedicated and talented figure skater. Her many accomplishments show her tenacity and drive. You can watch her audition for Disney on Ice here!

A week before she left, Maddie and I took some mission photos. It’s hard to watch your close friends move onto the next chapter, but I was honored to be the one to take her photos before she left. We chose the Logan Temple grounds for her mission photos. The grounds were still beaming with fall colors, so it was the perfect backdrop for this session! I know that Maddie will continue to do amazing things with her life. She will be a wonderful missionary!

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