Ballet Portraits with Evelyn


Evelyn is full of grace, kindness, and dedication to her dreams. Through her passion and hard work, she was recently accepted into Orlando Ballet. She moved to Florida to train, but often visits her family in Utah. When she was home for Christmas, Evelyn and I met up at the Utah State Capitol Building for a photo session. There was a Christmas tree set up for the holidays, which added so much magic to this shoot. Ballet portraits may be one of my new favorite types of photography.

Evelyn inspires me to keep chasing my dreams and to stay disciplined. Her precision with every move shows me how much she cares about what she does and how much of her heart she puts into ballet. I aspire to be as dedicated to my passions as Evelyn is to hers.

In addition to training with the Orlando City Ballet, Evelyn is a soloist with Ballet Rosa, a ballet apparel company. Their variety of beautiful tops and leotards were the perfect addition to the classy backdrop of the capitol building because of their soft, ethereal colors. The marble background of the capitol also provided a stunning setting for Evelyn’s talent to be showcased. She performed a variety of jumps and turns for the photos, and made sure each one was done to the best of her ability. Collaborating with her to capture the best shots possible was a fun and exciting challenge.

I love shoots that highlight the talents and passions of others. No matter your craft, passion, or sport, you deserve photos that will showcase your skillset. If you are interested in a portrait session like Evelyn’s, check out my contact page.

Ballet school: Orlando Ballet School

Dancewear: Ballet Rosa

Pointe Shoes: Freed of London

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