Eden tying her figure skates to go lake skating

Lake Skating | Bear Lake


When I am not behind the camera, you can often find me on the ice. I have figure skated on and off for 16 years. Figure skating has brought me many things, but my favorite thing it has brought me is incredible friends and a supportive community. When I texted asking my long time skating friends, Chantel and Eden, if they wanted to get up at 5am for sunrise lake skating, their immediate answer was a resounding yes.

We woke up well before the sun to get ready to go. Still blinking the sleep from our eyes, we left Logan around 6am for Bear Lake. When we crested the hill into Garden City, we were met with a fog-covered and icy Bear Lake. The sun soon peeked up over the fog, illuminating the clouds in a bath of yellows, pinks, and oranges. We pulled over into a nearby lookout point to watch the sunrise.

Eventually we made our way to the north beach of Bear Lake. We were disappointed at our first sight of the beach, but decided to walk down to the water’s edge to see if we could find any spots suitable for lake skating. We were lucky enough to find a very smooth patch of ice, perfect for skating! Chantel, Eden, and Bailey (the sweet Aussie Shepherd pictured) let me take a few photos of them skating and exploring the ice. I love these images, because they capture the pure joy I feel when I skate. After exploring the lake a bit more, we piled into the car for the journey home. Here are some of my favorites from the magical morning.

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Skates: Edea, Jackson

Dress: Weissman Costumes

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